Khamis, 2 Julai 2009

how to write an essay....

When writing an essay, it is important to take your time and give your writing a lot of consideration. Even though writing an essay is much simpler than writing a research paper, it is still a very challenging task in itself. The actual writing of the essay consists of three steps:

Planning the essay
Drafting the essay
Proofreading and Editing the essay


The first step to writing an essay and possibly the most overwhelming to some writers is planning the essay. Writers usually have some idea of what they want to write about. The problem is that now they need to organize their idea and focus on what the essay will specifically be about.

Brainstorm about the general topic that was chosen to show an even more specific topic. Write down any key words or phrases that can be associated with the topic. One of the key words or phrases could lead to a more specific idea for an essay.

Once a topic has been chosen, the six basic questions can be asked to help supply information that will be given in the essay and could possibly even help discover an even more detailed topic for the essay.


The introduction consists of the thesis statement and ideas. It should clearly show the position of the paper without giving too much information.


The body of the essay is next which provides the information and support that was gathered. The body gives the answers to the basic questions.


Then the conclusion summarizes the information, reiterates the thesis and closes the essay.


After the essay is completely written, it is time to proofread and edit the paper. Read through the essay carefully, checking for spelling mistakes or grammar and sentence structure errors. Check to see that each of the basic questions about the topic was answered and that the sequence and structure of the essay are well written and complete.

Once satisfied with the essay as written, it can be typed up and completed. Look over the essay as many times as it needs to be perfect.

And lastly to avoid plagiarism, do not forget to reference if you did take information from other sources.

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